LEAF™ Wind

Sway left. Then right. Then left again. Relaxing — right? That same calming motion can now be a continuous one, thanks to the LEAF wind. Creating a soft, steady breeze as it connects with just a click to your LEAF* or LEAF curv*, with 6 speed settings sure to soothe your little one straight on into newborn dreamland.

Here's to swaying on...and on.

*compatible with models SE-10-XXX and SE-30-XXX

Allows the LEAF* to sway continuously on its own.
Allows the LEAF curv* to sway continuously on its own.
Six speed settings to soothe baby.
Integrated one-touch sensor control panel is easy to use.
Attaches to the base of the LEAF series with just a click.

H 11.43 cm x W 13.5 cm x l 13.2 cm
Up to 12kg
Newborn to 12 kg


* This color is out of stock